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Design Center

The Design Center fosters multi disciplinary collaboration in supporting technology with media arts and design.  Faculty, artists, and designers offer academic related programs, projects, resources, mentorship, advice and support to connect students into the ministry field.

Design labs are located at selected campuses in providing space for designers, developers, entrepreneurs, and artists to explore new ideas or approach real-world industry problems.  Participants have the opportunity to participate in hands-on projects that apply design principles such as  creativity, aesthetics, function, efficiency, economy, and usability. As with any R&D initiative, the Design Center encourages students to address challenges through innovation. 

Mentors in the Design Center nurture students to utilize their creative abilities in problem solving skills applicable across ministry fields in IT, media, business, and education.  The fruits from these collaborative efforts result in concepts for new products or tools, enhanced online user interfaces, 3D conceptualization of architectural spaces, creative marketing campaigns and brand awareness.