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The NextUpK12 initiative housed in Olivet University’s Research & Development (R&D) aims to strengthen IT and design education in enabling students of every academic level to reach their God-given potential for impacting the world for Jesus Christ.  Through collaborative opportunities, the initiative partners with Christian K-12 schools to provide youth access to discover the use and development of  hardware, mobile devices, operating systems, general software, subject-specific software, and Internet applications.


Workshops taught by participants in the NextUpK12 initiative uses technology as a platform to build K-12 youth’s confidence to learn new systems and applications. Topics in information management, low, analysis, generation, storage and retrieval on local and remote servers offer important lessons on critical-thinking skills and problem-solving strategies with computer science education.  Through the delivery of the initiatives subject matter content opens opportunities for professional development and developing working relationships between the University and Christian K-12 schools.  


University participants from the NextUpK12 engage youth in cross-disciplinary design integration through workshop series,  Youth are exposed to graphic design, digital media design, web design as mediums to foster fundamental problem solving through design. The hands-on projects and interactive workshops helps K-12 students gain critical thinking, creativity, problem-solving skills, and social interactions.