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Innovation Center

Launched in 2016, the Innovation Center (IC) is an initiative covering a wide range of disciplines that fosters team-based collaboration among Olivet students, faculty, entrepreneurs, and ministry partners.  IC serves as a resource for any student at Olivet interested in entrepreneurship, technology, and research. Our programming is designed to help students grow their ideas, products, and ventures at any stage of development.  

The IC encourages entrepreneurship and innovation across the University, bringing together many cross-curricular interests, including students in Olivet Theological College & Seminary, Olivet Business School, Zinzendorf School of Doctoral Studies, Olivet School of Media & Communication, Olivet School of Art & Design, and Olivet Institute of Technology.


For students, Olivet University’s IC provides foundational learning as the educational entry point for exploring innovation.

The course is for students seeking innovation experience as a founder of a start-up, whether the start-up is a new ministry or company. Students do field-based work in entrepreneurship to develop their existing startup and explore new ideas and opportunities for startup ministries. Students are encouraged to work in teams but also have an opportunity to work in self directed projects while seeking guidance from mentors and instructors.

Through peer feedback, participants share their work on a frequent basis. Customized courses and projects help progress the student’s conceptual and leadership skills to meet the needs of the business and ministry settings.